The background here can be changed to any image of your choice! It can be included on all pages or none at all.


This is an example website. For your website, we can customise colours, font, headings, menu, footer, images, buttons, etc. The layout can also be completely different to this. We have used an orange, black, and white theme, but the colours are all customisable. This example website is non-ecommerce but we can turn it into an ecommerce website.

These images show side by side on desktop.

But on mobile they run down the page.

We can use any images of your choice.

We can put captions in here.

Or links to your website pages.

Or have the images without text.


Here is where we can put some taglines about your business.


Or we can include different services that you offer to customers.


We could also add some call to action buttons and information.